Saturday, October 02, 2010

Oh-oh Mexico!

We celebrated our TENTH anniversary with a kidfree week in Zihuatenejo Mexico. The blog has certainly suffered during the lead-up and aftermath of our trip, but I wanted to get our pictures our pictures posted.

Open air resort.
Ropes course and zip line tour.
Watching the fishing boats each morning.
Swim-up bar.
Ordering lunch from the beach.
Sleeping all.night.long.
Sleeping in every single morning.
Walking around the bay to Playa Las Gatas and enjoying drinks and lunch in an idyllic setting.
Seeing baby sea turtles right prior to their release into the ocean (Scott even held one!).
Walking barefoot down the beach to find breakfast and dinner.
Meeting some new and entertaining friends.
Time to talk, reflect, read, and dream.
Sleeping to the rhythm of the ocean.

Absolutely no schedule, no decisions, and no demands. We got up when we wanted to, had coffee on the patio, walked down the beach for breakfast when the mood struck us, and then made the excruciating decision: sit on the beach or sit by the pool? We also had to decide where to eat dinner each night, but even that got taken care of a few times, as we made friends with some other vacationers and just tagged along with their dinner plans. =)

Our luggage arriving in Mexico 48 hours after we did.
Offseason vacation in the rainy season = 2 days of downpour!
Dozens and dozens of mosquito bites.
MAJOR construction in the resort next to ours (but we were able to move to a quieter room with an AMAZING view on day 3).
Another highlight is that traveling with just the two of use meant that none of the lowlights put even one smidgen of a damper on our trip. No luggage, loud noise, and mosquitoes just aren't that big of a deal without the kids around.

Overall, it was EXACTLY the vacation we needed. We are so grateful to both sets of grandparents for watching the boys, including dealing with Josh's sleepless nights, reluctance to take a bottle, and a nasty fever. Both grandmas also graciously accepted my barrage of emails with information and last minute instructions in the weeks before we left. We didn't feel sad missing the boys until we touched back down at Seatac, and that's a wonderful gift to be able to confidently get away and find some rejuvenating joy, strength, and rest for what lies ahead in the next ten years!

First room with view of the construction:View from our second room and our morning coffee spot:
The private beach for the resort:
Lunch delivered to our chairs on the beach:


The walk into town:
Breakfast on the beach:

Zip line/ropes course tour:

Baby Sea Turtles that hatch at the resort:


I am Kate Maxwell said...

That looks awesome sis. I'm glad you guys had a good time!

SBM said...

Looks soooo fun!! I am so happy for you guys - what a way to celebrate your 10th. The place is absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

loved the pictures - thanks for sharing - glad you had a wonderful second honeymoon!!! Love, Aunt Tracey

Carmen Goetschius said...

Gorgeous!!!!!! What a magnificent trip! I am so glad you had such a restful, grounding, fun week together.

Katie said...

Looks like ya'll had a fabulous vacation. What a great way to celebrate 10 years of marriage! Glad ya'll could get away.