Wednesday, May 30, 2012


We had a wonderfully perfect Mothers Day this year: We spent the weekend back in Bend, breathing in fresh mountain air. More importantly, we soaked in the comfort of knowing and being KNOWN. Our weekend started at the High Dessert Museum, at the opening reception for a new hands on exhibit on forestry and fire safety. From there, we headed to my parents place and settled in... Then snuck back out to grab a beer with Luke and Tara. Ah! The warm embrace of friends. A chance to catch up and hash through life decisions. Yes please!

Our Friday included lots of time with Nana and Papa and an awesome playgroup at the park. The kids rode bikes and raced around the playground while I got to catch up with my gals. Jen even made an appearance with week old baby Silas. Owen did a major endo over his bike handlebars ... All I saw was feet flying through the air. Dave and Michelle were there in an instant, checking for broken bones, but the "Super Skin" came through yet again and Owen was free to hop back on his wheels. Even Josh spent about a half hour diligently guiding his strider around the quarter mile loop. I kept expecting to have to rescue him from the far side of the trail, but he eventually came back around with a big grin of accomplishment.

After Josh spent a full thirty minutes of our drive over screaming, "I want go Jackshonsh Cor-er!!" what else could we do? We met the Wiaters for a favorite dinner with our favorite people. Turned out that 3-4 other families from the boys prior school were sitting outside for dinner, too. Perfect? Not just yet. Follow dinner with gelato downtown where Owen, Lily, Josh, and Miles generously shared spoons and laughter. Now, that's perfect.

Saturday, Scott got to head out on his mountain bike with the guys, while the kids and I headed to Julie's to meet Baby Soren. Shawndi also brought over her kids, and it was heartwarming to see "the Owens" fall into their easy, started before birth, friendship at the Lego table. I got lots of time with Soren and hopefully encouraged Julie a bit that there is a light at the end of the colic tunnel. Owen then snuck in a playdate with his "school brother" while Nana managed a miserable (teething) Josh. Scott also let me savor several hours with my favorite ladies, accompanied by wine and chocolate.

We had Mothers' Day brunch at McKay Cottage, which has become a tradition. The whole weekend was about reconnecting with the places and people that nourish our spirits. I saw that in my kids playing with their friends and felt my own spirit filled by friends that have known me in high times and low. Never enough time, but soooo great to step back into that place where we are comfortable and KNOWN to the core. It was a deep breath of clear mountain air to refill our sails and motivate us to push to find the people and places that are going to nourish our spirits here in Portland.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


(I'm testing out a mobile blogging app, so the posts might be picture limited, but hopefully more frequent.)

Josh has been talking up a storm these days. I don't think we are anywhere close to the two year old milestone of having half his words understandable to strangers. We often joke that he just has an early retainer because he talks like he has marbles in his mouth. At least now he knows he CAN communicate and is more willing to repeat his ideas several times to get the point across. I know this jumbled speech is something we are going to miss when he gets older.

Shzat yo's? = is that yours, repeated 976 times each day
Yesh peesche = yes please
Hey-ya-cha-sher = helicopter
Wah-cher = water
Sche-all = cereal
Wash a show = watch a show
Bass-sh time = bath time
Treess-sh = trees
Jas-kanssss-sh core-er = Jackson's Corner, our favorite dinner spot in Bend, which Josh yelled repeatedly for 30 minutes on our drive over the mountains.

Basically, he struggles with the "ch" and "th" sounds and turns most ch, th, sh, and ending "s" sounds into a three syllable extravaganza. All of us (including Owen) are getting pretty good at translating, but most people can't even tell that josh saying real words. (add in the fact that he still looks too young to be talking, and people that don't really know him just aren't inclined to try and decipher his speech. For the sake of communication, I hope the word clarity keeps getting better, but for pure entertainment, we'll keep the lisping, retainer wearing two year old a bit longer!

I thought of some other ones I wanted to record for the future:
I see-ee yo wap = I sit in your lap?
Was-ch = watch, wash, or Lunch!
Bes-sches = breakfast
Shees peesche = cheese please
Yo-yur = yogurt
She-shaw = sing a song
Nee sup = need some, need soap, or need syrup
Can-cakes = pancakes (one of those pronunciations that we have even started to use)