Saturday, June 02, 2012

Around Town

One thing everyone said to us before we moved was, "There is sooo much to do in Portland." Absolutely right. In some ways, the choices are daunting.  I am a self admitted "information-aholic" and I loved being able to keep track of things going on around Bend. In Portland, there's just too many things to try and track... what a problem, right?  Thankfully, before we moved, we made a list of the things we wanted to do in Portland - urban outings and everyday adventures.  Even in the midst of the wettest spring on record (awesome, awesome), we managed to cross quite a few things off our list including two visits to both the Children's Museum and Oregon Zoo, three visits to Tryon Creek State Park, and FINALLY made good on our promise to take the boys on the Aerial Tram (with a pre-visit breakfast at Pine State Biscuts - an easy new favorite.) Scott also scored a big winner and convinced me to check out a little brew house in Tigard. Max's Fanno Creek Pub turns out to have great beer, a wide fresh food selection, and two (yes TWO) areas for the kids to play. Yep, three check marks on that one, too!

My picture taking skills are seriously lacking, but I wanted to drop in a few from our spring in-ings and outings.

Josh helping Scott survey the land.
Happy Birthday to Me! Our lack of oven at the time "forced" Scott to pick up an ice cream cake.

I still have no idea how both boys ended up inside that dishwasher box, but new appliance boxes make awesome building materials.
 Yes folks, "A Fort for Everyone!... but closed at night."
 Who wants to watch TV on the couch when you have perfectly good camping chairs on hand?

First of three visits to Tryon Creek Park.

Um, yes, Josh dresses himself.  This is a sweatshirt, swim shorts, tennis shoes (with no socks), and on this particular day, the sun was finally showing up. Josh looked at all of us in our sunglasses, declared, "I need a hat!" and returned outside 3 minutes later wearing this...

Our first visit to the Children's Museum coincided with "Super Hero Day." All staff dressed in costumes, cape making workshops for kids, and other hero activities. Somehow, Star Wars characters got roped in with super heroes. Puzzling? Yes. Awesome? Absolutely. What's better than a giant Chewbacca trying to maneuver through several hundred star struck gradeschoolers and their terrified younger siblings?  Owen was in awe. Josh, not so much.

 We again braved the crowds to hit the Easter Egg hunt at the Zoo. Actually, a very well organized and crowd deterring event. They run hunts every 20 minutes all day long with the lawn roped off for all the age categories. Plus, lions and tigers and bears, oh my!
 Grandma saved us with mailed Easter baskets for the kids.

We also pulled our act together and got ourselves to a church on Easter Sunday.  I was dreading having to drag the kids through service after service trying to find a "church home." Thankfully the internet provides ample opportunity to dig through basic theology and get an idea of the life of various churches before walking in the front door.  We feel like we've found a fit on our first visit!  Thriving, growing congregation with a solid teaching team and tons of activities.  Owen loves his pre-K room and Josh is now comfortable (after 4 visits) in the 2's room.

Amid all the work on the house and trying to manage enough outings and activities to keep us all excited about Portland, it's nice to be find some rhythm to our days and weeks and church on Sunday is a critical piece of the puzzle.

Now, if only we could stop setting rain records...