Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Bye Bye Old Man Hair

Josh had some serious "old man hair" going on. It was trending toward mullet - still pretty bald on the top and then long, wispy locks forming in the back. I kept oscillating between cutting it and letting it grow because those baby curls in back are hard to let go of. In the end, we bit the bullet and decided the hair growing over the ears just had to go.


Scott gave Josh his first trim. He still only needed one snip of the scissors on the top, but the back was pretty out of control.

It's pretty hard to tell the difference on such a blond head, but the back looks soooo different. On Monday when I dropped the boys off at school, Miss Lauren noticed right away and said, "no more old man hair!!"

After Owen's fist haircut, he looked so much older to me, but Josh really looks the same - just less disheveled. If anything, the haircut makes him look more awake and alert. Always a plus side.

Am I a bad mom that I didn't keep a lock of his baby hair? I have one from Owen, and I have no idea what will become of it. These boys don't have baby books. In fact, the locks of Josh's hair were identical to the one I saved of Owens. Maybe I should just change the card to reach "First Haircut, Owen AND Josh" - ha! Honestly, the hair kind of grosses me out. I'm sure it will be the same when the boys are old enough to lose teeth.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Sip Sip

For Christmas, Scott got me a great coffee mug from World Market. It's the kind with the silicone lid, that makes it look like you just got a Starbucks Latte. I swear, my coffee tastes "fancier" in that thing. Not to mention, the lid is just AWESOME for keeping my coffee close by while playing with the kids. It's not spill proof, but at least it gives me half a chance to prevent a major mess when it does get knocked over.

Scott was so sold, he bought himself one and a third one for me to have at the office - which my office mate, Chris, is very grateful for, as he has helped me clean up a massive coffee spill at LEAST 3-4 times in the last couple months. (You would think I would learn not to put my coffee mug between my arm and the ringing phone, but apparently I'm still learning that lesson.)

Anyway, happiness reigns in the small things, and right now, these commuter mugs are bringing a little bit more joy to my daily routine.

And then, it struck me. I don't think I have any position to try and break the kids of their habit of requesting "warm milk in a sippy cup" first thing every morning. Notice a similarity?

Be Still my Type A Heart

Over at SimpleMom, Tsh is leading Project: Simplify to encourage us all to clean the clutter from our lives. I haven't been playing along so far, but this week, her area happened to coincide with a project I tackled over the weekend. Hooray!

For a long time, I've been wanting to reorganize our pantry. Really, I wanted fancy, matching containers and an excuse to use my label maker - You think I'm Type A?? Plus, Owens near constant climbing on dangerous objects to "see what's for snack" told me that we needed a new system to get all the "kid stuff" onto lower shelves before someone knocked their teeth out.

The final push came from Scott's mom, who made a trip with me to BB&B and then gave me the much coveted organizing canisters for my birthday. No more excuses.

We started with this:

Which turned into this (seriously? who is eating all this food?):
Owen was a great helper with washing out the containers and printing labels. He and Josh also complied with my requests for "one more trip to BB&B" (three total). Granted, the last time required a blatant bribe of ice cream, but we all make sacrifices. In the end, I am grinning every time I open my pantry because now I see this:

Everything kid friendly is on the bottom two shelves and all my bulk foods are out of the plastic grocery bags. And this when I open the baking cabinet: Scott kept rolling his eyes at me as I launched into such a monumental project, but in the end, he rallied and sorted through our dish cabinet. Turns out we probably don't need those commemorative pint glasses from COLLEGE to be right at our finger tips. Instead, the little used dishes found new homes (or the goodwill box), and our dish cabinet - that has been driving Scott NUTS since we started stocking kid dishes - looks wonderful:

I also didn't take a picture of the little cabinet full of coffee mugs and sippy cups - that thing threatened to pour dishware down on anyone that dared open the door. Now, it holds an appropriate number of mugs and sippies, and... get this... the tea and coffee supplies, too! Love.