Monday, March 28, 2011

Grown Up Moments

Ever have those moments where it hits you smack in the face that you are a grown up? Maybe turning a year older makes you take stock of where you sit, but somehow the changing of the years isn’t what gets me. When I look back, these are the “grown up” moments that really stand out:

- Signing papers on our first home purchase.

- Buying a vacuum.

- Getting on an airplane for my first business trip.

- Asking for and being totally excited about receiving a blender for Christmas.

- Leaving the hospital with a 2-day old Owen.

- Presenting at a professional conference.

- Going to my first Board Meeting for a local charity.

It’s funny how so many of the “grown up” things aren’t the monumental events in your life. Sure, buying a house is an obvious one, but getting married doesn’t make the list (good thing because we were SO YOUNG!). Giving birth isn’t on there either. Grown up moments are those seemingly insignificant events that smack you in the face at how NORMAL it is for you to be doing things that adults do. Yikes!

Today I had another grown up moment. First, I got ready for work by pulling on a new skirt and birthday present boots. I felt like a real adult, going to a real career job (one I’ve had for 10 years, mind you), knowing that I looked the part. I was wearing clothes I love, not just “work clothes” because I had to. In fact, right now, my work environment consists of me and one co-worker, so it’s not like I even HAVE to wear professional clothes. Chris wouldn’t care (or even notice) if I showed up in torn jeans and slippers, and my clients on the phone don’t know if I showered or not. No, I got dressed this morning because I WANTED to. Toss on a wool-ish trench coat, and professional Alissa walked out the door… with two kids, 3 lunches, a purse, my computer bag, a bag of coffee for the office, bills to mail, and a giant cardboard box to donate to the preschool. No matter, the clothes and attitude said professional… said grown up.

But the kicker, the moment that it struck me so solidly that I AM A GROWN UP, was crouching in the bathroom – same skirt, same boots – caring for my sick 3-year old just picked up early from preschool. I’m the adult in this situation. I’m the one making the decisions and cleaning up the messes. Even in my rockin’ boots, nobody can care for my son the way I can. I am the grown up.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Downhill

Okay, a couple words: Thanks Papa for helping Scott take Owen up to the slopes for his first day on REAL skis. Here's to spring skiing!

Early March Review

The month of March isn't over, but it's already been a FULL month of unusual events and happenings. Busy enough that I haven't sat down to

First, the normal. Swim lessons for both boys. Owen finally made some strides with his swimming, started putting his head under and with floating and kicking, and "graduated" out of Level 1. Josh, on the other hand, was not such a fan. Recovering from illness + low body fat = too cold and cranky for 45 minutest in the pool. Owen gets to continue this spring and summer; Josh will wait for fall.

Then, the unusual:
My mom decided to spend three weeks in Bend, enjoying our crazy March weather. We love having her here, and this extended visit proved extremely timely because...

Josh spent the month teething on SIX teeth at the same time and kicked off the month with a five day fever that kept him out of school for a whole week. A week that he spent with Nana. A week that I spent frantically preparing for...

A four-day work trip through Eastern Washington conducting training for municipal maintenance workers. That's my longest work trip since the boys were born. And I followed it up by getting in the car 3 days later for another overnight work trip to Portland. I am SOOO glad my job doesn't involve regular travel. It was a crazy-busy week, but everything went smoothly at home because...

Scott's mom made her annual March visit to help with the boys while I was out of town. She also stuck around through the weekend and caught a couple pictures of Scott and I running a 5K. It was the first either of us had really run in months (or maybe years in Scott's case!), but we still finished faster than I ran last June. Next up comes training for my next half marathon at the end of June.

My mom helped out with the boys again as well. Then my dad flew into town and we all donned our green to celebrate... My Birthday!

All these grandparent visits also allowed Scott and I several nights "on the town," including celebrating my birthday at the Deschutes Brewery's "Chocolate and Beer" dinner. Divine!

And, it wouldn't be March without a little Madness. Our Huskies managed two games with enough drama to keep us watching, but not enough points to make the Sweet Sixteen.