Tuesday, September 14, 2010

UPs and DOWNs

The theme around our house for the last week has been UP and DOWN.

Teeth – Josh’s two front teeth on the top are coming DOWN and going back UP. It won’t be long now until he has four chompers.

In a related matter, our mealtime dynamic is changing. Josh wants to feed himself – picking UP foods from the tray, dropping them DOWN on the floor (Hudson is LOVING this stage); batting DOWN our hands when we try to spoon in the yogurt or puree. I need a cheat sheet of nutritious, high calorie foods that are soft and can be diced into small pieces. I sense lots of hearty, veggie rich soups over the next few months!

Standing – Josh is UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN. He can now pull himself up to standing with any surface – even the wall – and is starting to pick-up cruising speed. We need to teach him to get back DOWN when he pulls UP in his crib. The bumps and bruises are also coming at a faster pace. The other night when he tried to pull UP in the bath, slipped, and crashed his head DOWN on the side of the tub. He split his eyelid open and, let me tell you, blood around the eye socket is terribly frightening! I’m surprised he doesn’t have a major black eye from that one.

Potty training – What a rousing success! I am so proud of Owen. He has really claimed the process as his own, We spent the weekend watching pants and underwear going DOWN and UP; stickers going UP on the fridge; jelly beans coming DOWN from the cupboard. Owen hasn’t had an accident since Saturday and is even wearing his underwear at school and during naptime!

I know we now have several weeks of vigilance – identifying a bathroom when we go out and about, carrying extra clothes everywhere, etc. We’ll also have to tackle nighttime, but what a change to know we’ll just be using one diaper at night instead of changing them all day long. Whoohoo!

And yes... I need to UPload some more pictures, but this will have to do for tonight.


I am Kate Maxwell said...

and in light of Owen's recent accomplishments, I will now babysit. You just have to take Josh with you or find someone else to change his diaper :)

Colleen said...

I love the theme! Tommy is the same about pulling to stand. I wish sitting down was as easily learned! And I am so happy the potty training was so successful for you. When they are ready, it's so fast! Even if it means waiting longer than you want to. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Loved your UP an dOWN post - so proud of Owen!!! Miss ya'll, Aunt Tracey

Jeremy said...

Less disposable diapers = more disposable income!
I will be thrilled when MK reaches that milestone!