Saturday, October 09, 2010

Kids on Vacation

Being away from the boys for a whole week is a long time. Even more, it was a long time for the boys to be without mom and dad. Thankfully, both sets of grandparents know our children intimately well. No worries about their care. Early in our planning, Scott also figured out that the kids would probably do better having their own vacation while we were gone - so they spent the week in Seattle with some of their favorite people and a whole host activities planned to keep them occupied.

During their stay, Ethel started a little journal for Owen to keep track of all the excitement. It gave us a great cheat sheet into their days and a list of things to ask Owen about when we got home. (We also noted that we should have written "Josh was here, too" down the side of the page - that pretty much sums up the life of a second child!) Some of the highlights:

Saturday - Husky Tailgate and then Mom & Dad left for Mexico

Sunday - Mariners' Game with Grandpa (nice work Jeff!) and ate Dippin' Dots

Monday - Visited the beach with Cousin Calla and Auntie Sara; Rode bikes with Aunt Kate

Tuesday - Made a blanket with Grandma, Went up in the Space Needle!

Wednesday - Made scones with Aunt Kate; Transition to Nana/Papa's; played Nana's drums

Thursday - Playing at Nana and Papa's

Friday - Went to the park; Visit from Nancy & Deanna; made mousse with Nana; found Uncle Todd's old legos

Saturday - Met Uncle Todd for lunch, watched soccer, and then lots of lego building (This was also the day that Josh started getting really sick - Nana had a horribly sleepless night fighting his fever. Two calls to the doctor got him on the right medicines, but it was not a great way to end the week.)

Sunday - Lots of playing at Nana's house while Nana and Papa fought Josh's fever - pool, boxing, foosball, gymnastics, and a "swimsuit shower"

Monday - Mom and Dad home from Mexico; Drove back to Bend - nothing like a 7 hour drive fighting a 102 degree fever to bring you back to parenting reality!

Overall, the kids CLEARLY had a much more busy week than we did. What a treat!

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