Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween in Pictures

Here are the Halloween pics! This was the first year Owen understood the concept well enough to get excited. He's been trying on his costume since we got back from Mexico. For Josh, we were lucky enough to borrow our favorite fish costume again.

With Halloween on a Sunday, we had a whole weekend to celebrate. Scott's family was in town for a birthday/Halloween combo weekend. Saturday, we celebrated Josh and Kate's birthdays and then hit up the "Trunk or Treat" carnival at Church. On Sunday, we joined our playgroup friends for a potluck followed by got to join our playgroup friends for the massive preschooler party followed by trick-or-treating IN MASS (as in 12 preschoolers + siblings!) through the NWX neighborhood. We came home, and Owen toured the cul-de-sac and then helped hand out candy to the big kids. I think his favorite part was trying to scare the kids that came to our door.

The Mexican Wrestler - "Nacho Libre" - or maybe "El Gringo Flaco" (The skinny gringo) would be a better title.

Fish JoshSwimming upstream?

Owen's favorite part of being a Mexican Wrestler was getting to shed his shirt. Thankfully, we convinced him that wrestlers wear sweats when they go outside!
Josh only hit the door of a few houses - can't wait until next year when the boys can go to the doors together!
Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the last picture!!! You need to frame it!!!! We had a great time with Kirk and Sue - Grandma and Grandpa loved spending time with them, as we all did. Love and miss you, Aunt Tracey

SBM said...

El Gringo Flaco!! Love it!! Cute costumes on both kids!!

Colleen said...

AHHHH! I love your little Mexican wrestler! The picture of him tackling you is TOO FUNNY. So awesome. And Josh's fish costume is adorable. We have a shark one just like it and I love it when they crawl around and it looks like they are swimming. FUN Halloween!