Thursday, October 07, 2010

Walks out; Hikes in

After 3 years of weekly walks with kids in packs or strollers, our Friday moms group has reached a significant milestone... the mom walks are over. Oh, don't worry, our group is still meeting, but we've come to the point that the kids won't sit in the strollers any more, so we have a new strategy. Our Friday walks are now "hikes" at a 3-year old pace.
We had our first hike last Friday. Only 3 of us moms made it, but the 3 kiddos Owen's age hiked 2.5 miles with not a complaint to be heard. What we did hear was lots of laughter, joy, and excitement over all the wonderous beauty we found around Todd Lake - sunlight through the trees, mountain views, serene water, thousands of baby frogs, and dozens of little bridges to carry us across the mucky areas.

It was also Josh's first time in the hiking backpack - kind of a tragedy that he got all the way to 11 months and through a whole summer without riding through the woods, but we have lots of autumn left to make up for lost time. Bring on the hikes!


Stephanie said...

Oh, so sweet and such gorgeous scenery! It's easy to see why you live where you do. Sounds like a fabulous new walking routine. Enjoy it!

Colleen said...

What a great group! And really, this is what childhood should be all about for our kids. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

ya'll are so lucky to have beautiful weather and gorgeous scenery for such fun days - we can't even walk around the block here - way too much humidity and heat!! Clayton had his first flag football game yesterday - 90 degrees and no shade!!! Ya'll should become LSU fans - we wait until the last few seconds of each game to win - UGH - we're an "ugly" 6 - 0. Love, Aunt Tracey