Monday, January 18, 2010

World's Strongest...

For the first time since Christmas, Scott had the weekend off! We decided to take advantage and take the boys on their first visit to Sun Mountain Fun Center for some bowling fun. Josh slept THE WHOLE TIME in the stroller (which was awesome!) and Owen loved his first spin at the lanes. Sun Mountain has the bumpers, 6 pound balls, ball ramps, and even toddler sized bowling shoes.

I even beat Scott by 1 point,* but we had the most fun comparing Owen's bowling style to the Atlas Stones event in the Worlds Strongest Man competition.

That guy may be impressive, but pound for pound, I think my 2-year old might be able to take him. 25 pound child, 6 pound bowling ball? Bring it on.
*Scott requested an asterisk on my bowling score, since I did bounce the ball off the bumper 3 times during the game, but hey! that's the advantage of family bowling.


Colleen said...

We've had some great family bowling times. Owen definitely looks like that dude! Hilarious!

Sara said...

I had a (very cute) mental picture of Owen bowling, after our conversation last night, but the real pictures are even cuter!!