Saturday, January 02, 2010

2 Months!

Josh had his 2 month check-up at BMC this week. I was guessing about 8 1/2 pounds, but he surprised us all by tipping the scales at 9 pounds, 11 ounces! No wonder those newborn sized diapers just aren't cutting it anymore. He's already the 10th percentile in weight and about the same in height at 21 1/2 inches. For those keeping score, that's 4 1/2 pounds gained and 3 inches grown in 2 months. As a true Maxwell, his head is bigger - 20th percentile.

We decided to keep Josh on his reflux meds at least until his 4 month check-up. I like our doctor's theory not to mess with what's working during these challenging newborn months. While Josh's tummy isn't as bad as Owen's (hallelujah!), he still clearly has refulx - just not the kind that's covering us all with baby vomit. Few. We also did a little "tomato experiment" yesterday and determined that eating tomato sauce really does make his (and my) tummy worse. Since we never found a trigger food for Owen, it's kind of a relief to know that avoiding that one food (as pervasive as it is in our diet) is something I can do to keep this guy smiling.

The bad news from the doctor is that Josh seems to have a hernia in his boy parts. It's somewhat common, not painful, and no big deal.... BUT... it will require surgery to fix. Oy! This will be a completely new experience for our family, as neither Scott or I has ever had a broken bone or medical procedure beyond the stitches I got when Owen was born. We're pretty much expecting a trip to Urgent Care for our dare devil 2-year-old this year, but how can the littlest person in our family be the first one to go under the knife?

We have a consult with the doctor on January 11. We'll find out at that appointment whether Josh needs surgery soon or can wait a few months. I'm hoping we can wait a while, so Josh will be bigger and I will be more ready to hand him over for the procedure!

Otherwise, he's a healthy, growing boy! The best kind.


Colleen said...

Josh is so cute! What a smile! I am glad he is growing so strong and healthy. Sorry about the surgery, that is always stressful, even if it is common. We will be thinking of him as the time approaches and say a prayer that all goes well!

Anonymous said...

Josh looks like Scott!!! Handing a baby over to a surgeon is never easy, no matter how old he is!! Katie had an absesed breast drained at 6 weeks, and Patrick had tubes in and adnoids out at 9 months, and tubes in again the week of his 2nd birthday. Molly Kate needs a small procedure done, and Katie is "putting off" taking her to the surgeon - the sooner it's done, the quicker it's over!! Love ya'll, Aunt Tracey