Wednesday, January 20, 2010

All the Randomness

Here are this week's odds and ends:

- We took Josh to meet with the surgeon, and it was the best meeting ever. What we thought was a hernia 3 weeks ago has disappeared, so we'll just keep our eye on it and re-evaluate if the need arises. Awesome.
-We're facing a few health issues around our house today - Owen has a cough that got him sent home from school and wants nothing more than to rub his grubby hands all over Josh's face. I'll spare you the details of my issue, but just say that feeding Josh is not particularly pleasant for me or him right now. Urgh!
- I was totally bummed out about going back to work February 1, but I've had some good quality time with Josh this week, scheduled a massage and haircut next week while he's having a "practice day" at daycare, and cooked a bunch of meals for our freezer, so things are looking up.
- I'm actually not stressed about leaving Josh at daycare. It makes a big difference to be taking him a place that we already have a relationship. Plus, all the other kids are so excited for Josh to come to "school" - this morning 3 of them asked me if Josh was staying when I dropped off Owen.
- Josh and I got to take a dinner to Michelle and her newborn TWINS today. She looks great, the babies are beautiful, and it was great fun to compare the babies and see how much Josh has grown and matured in the last 2 months.

And Josh is really smiling!

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Colleen said...

What great news about Josh!! Hope whatever (I have a good guess) you are dealing with can be cleared up quickly. And your practice day sounds heavenly!