Monday, January 04, 2010

First Time On...


Owen got a pair of beginner skis for Christmas and our weather cooperated for a few days last week so we could give them an inaugural spin in the driveway.

I told Owen the skiing would need to wait for Scott to get home, but Owen was thrilled at the chance to break out his new snow shovel. Yes, he's out there by himself while I take pictures from the front porch. (I was paying enough attention to dash out and sprinkle some kitty litter on the icy parts...)

Then, after an afternoon dumping, Owen was ready to tackle the shoveling AGAIN while he waited for Scott to get home from work. (Yes, I'm inside making dinner and my 2-year-old is out shoveling with the neighbors.)

After dinner, we bundled up again and hit the "slopes" using the tricycle handle as a pulley. Owen yelped and giggled with joy (even during the falls). I don't think any of us have had such big grins on our faces in a long time.

Hooray for Winter!


Carmen said...

Hooray for winter! These pics are too cute! I love that you have awesome neighbors for Owen to play and shovel with-- that is the way neighborhoods ought to be!

Colleen said...

All I can say is: awesome.

angie said...

shoveling the driveway....priceless.

and those skiis are adorable.

Anonymous said...

Priceless pictures - it's so nice that you take advantage of the snow, and not become hermits!!!! We truly wouldn't know how to act if it snowed longer then one hour every ten years!! Keep up the good work on sending pictures - I think I'm more proud of Owen on skiis (I don't even know how to write it in plural form), then he is!!! Love ya'll, Aunt Tracey

Phyllis said...

I love it! Toddlers on skis look like little penguins to me. :-) At least, when I see them in motion they do. Owen looks more like a pro than a penguin in these photos.