Sunday, April 11, 2010

Makeshift Easter

Without a "home" church right now, we really missed out on the Lenten lead up to Easter. There's a reason we have the season of Lent to help us focus and prepare for the most important holiday on the Christian calendar. As it is, Easter snuck up on us and we were unprepared to properly celebrate. On the plus side, we were also unprepared for the secular celebration - what's with the bunny anyway??

We did manage to talk with Owen about how Easter is a special day, and his favorite book for the last 6-8 months has been "The Beginner Bible," but these are certainly some hard concepts when you're two years old. But I like Owen's version of Easter. As he tells the story: "Jesus got owies from being on the big sign. Then, he went into the cave with the guards on the outside. The angel sits on the big rock and Jesus goes to visit his friends." Not such a bad start...

On the celebration side, we managed to die Easter eggs for the first time in our married life. (Man, do I hate the smell of hardboiled eggs!) Actually, Scott and Owen died the eggs while I was putting Josh to bed, but Owen saved 4 eggs for me.

The funniest part is that the died eggs are still sitting in our fridge wrapped in plastic. We never even hid them! The boys got new books after church for Easter gifts and Owen was thrilled to get to eat a few pieces of candy. My parents also took us out to an Easter dinner, so we got to celebrate a bit with family.

I think the best part about Easter was that we attended a church near our house that we've visited a handful of times in the last 6 months. As it turned out, about 12 other people from our old church were there as well. It was such an Easter gift to get to worship with our old church family! Who knows? Maybe we'll find ourselves regularly worshiping among friends again soon. We need it.

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Carmen Goetschius said...

I am glad you had all kinds of "surprise joy" on Easter this year. That seems to be a good general gist of the holiday!

Owen's version is perfect. I love this. I need my nephew's to tell me the story. It will be fun to hear their interpretation of the big sign and the cave.

Love and encouragement from Philly!