Thursday, April 08, 2010

Boys in the Snow

I am feeling quite behind on posting these days. Scott and I have both been slammed with work and putting in a lot of hours after the kids go to bed, so getting back on the computer after spending all day on the screen is pretty unappealing. Thankfully, we both got through some significant deadlines today and are lazily lounging catching up on our shows.

So, playing a little catch-up, here are the pictures from Owen's second skiing adventure. Last month, Scott and Papa (my dad) took him up on a beautiful, sunny Saturday. This time, Scott rigged up our kids' rock climbing harness with great success.

I think Owen looks so much older in this picture - hauling his gear up to the mountain.With Papa. My dad was so excited to take Owen up on skis. In a few years, he'll be chasing Owen all over the mountain.

Owen LOVES riding the chair lift. And we love that Bachelor lets you ride the beginner chair free on Saturdays. No rope tow!!
How's this for a beautiful day to be skiing? Kind of a killer to be stuck on the bunny hill when you can see the crystal clear view up to the summit.

Every good ski day finishes with hot chocolate in he lodge.

Success! More of the same next year, please.


emily said...

so much fun!!! i *loved* taking keely "skiing" this year and bachelor was so great. we too can't wait for the days ahead on mountain--you guys are so lucky to be so close to a great hill!

Peg said...

OK - I think I get it, but explain how the climbing harness helped? Just to help hold him up? Get him off the chair? Attach a leash? Dying to know!

I am Kate Maxwell said...

the kid looks so happy!

Alissa Maxwell said...

Peg, the harness just gives Scott a few mor inches, so he can hold on above th shoulders. Owen is so short that you have to be in a full squat to grab under the armpits. His legs are to short to even get the skis in a snowplow! Next year will be better and we figure he'll be skiing on his own by age 4... We hope.