Friday, April 02, 2010

The Good in March

For some balance after that last post (and to help brighten my own mood), here are some other things that have been going RIGHT around the Maxwell House:

Aunt Kate came to visit.

My parents were in town for a long weekend and Scott and my Dad took Owen up skiing. I'll post those pictures separately.

Scott's mom was here for a whole week over Spring Break. In addition to taking care of the kids while I worked, she helped out in the evenings while Scott was slammed at work. We took the kids to free Ice Cream day at Ben & Jerry's, Scott and I got a date night (3rd one in March!), I got some one-on-one time with Owen, and Grandma helped Owen build a snowman during one of our freak morning snowstorms. Owen is also now convinced that "Grandpa is taking me to a baseball game," so Jeff and Ethel are on the hook because that kid doesn't forget.

I start a running program on Saturday - 9 weeks to get you ready for a 5K. Baby steps, baby!

Huskies won two games in the NCAA tourney. Owen watched some parts of the game with Nana and Papa, yelling, "Go Huskies! No Ducks!" Whenever one of the other games came on, Owen would say, "I don't like that basketball game." When I asked him why, he replied, "They're not wearing purple." and when the Huskies wore their black uniforms (why??), he kept saying, "Those aren't Huskies. Those are Beavers." Smart kid.

I finished up 3 weekends of XC ski class and loved it. Julie and I tried to ski to Swampy Lakes shelter on Sunday and found that the trail was much harder than anticipated.

We had a much needed dinner with two of our favorite couples that we used to see all the time a church. Between the three families, we now have 5 kids under age 3. It was actually incredibly encouraging to get together and discover that a community dinner is still feasible. Sure, it takes some planning (and a reschedule due to sick kids), but Owen and Joseph even entertained themselves in the backyard for a time and the adults had some semi-coherent conversations. We're hosting the next one in April.

Scott finally got back out on his bike and is looking forward to a long weekend in Moab at the end of April.

And Scott and Owen have been growing their hair out a bit...


Emily said...

It does a mommy good to remember the good times. How do they so easily get lost in the frantic moments and freak outs that accompany each day?

Good for you for writing down all the good... and good for you for educating your son about the Huskies :-) Why did they wear black?

Colleen said...

Always good to see the bright side! Good luck with the training! It hurts so good, don't it?! :)

I am Kate Maxwell said...

I have no doubt that grandpa will take Owen to a baseball game. But if he doesn't, I will :)