Sunday, June 14, 2009

Small Miracle

Over the last couple weeks, Owen has taken a pretty impressive interest in occupying himself. In fact, last weekend, we had one of those "too quiet" moments and we found Owen in the living room doing this:

Sure, I still spend most of my day responding to "Mommy, Lesso!" (what sounds like a Spanish command is really just toddler-speak for "Let's Go!), but we've had several recent occasions where Scott and I find ourselves reading the paper, cooking, or puttering around the house without our 2'6" shadow. Owen's also had two (2!) naps, where he doesn't sleep a wink and just spends 45+ minutes happily hanging out in his crib. Taking a nap is still much preferred (and he did zonk out in the car later in the afternoon), but the self entertainment gives me hope that I might be able to feed Baby #2 in semi-peace when the time comes.


Peg said...

So great - just remember he'll back-track somewhat when he is dethroned by the new sib! But - you have a few months to get him to really understand "in a few minutes."
Cute pix.

Stephanie said...

AH! So nice! God does have a way with timing, no?

My sister in law invented all sorts of silly games for her son while she nursed #2 - our favorite was an "Easter party." She hid stickers inside those plastic eggs leftover from Easter, then quickly tossed them in semi-hidden locations as she sat down to nurse. Genius! Bonus points if you have a notebook stashed somewhere nearby to serve as a sticker book.... Good luck!

Cailean said...

So cute! I love his colorful shoes. It was always hard for me to imagine my kids as old enough to help or do much else when I was expecting our next child...but it's amazing what a few months will do. He'll be like a whole other kid come time for your next baby to arrive!