Thursday, June 18, 2009

Friday Field Trips - Rock Garden

Our June Friday Field trip (a few weeks ago) was a visit to Petersen Rock Garden, which is a crazy oddity of a place. The whole area was constructed over 50 years ago by a guy that wanted to build something from all the various rocks he had collected throughout his life. It's only 10 minutes from Bend, but none of us had ever been before. The perfect outing. We were joined by some kiddos/moms from another Friday play group, and I think we had 10 or 11 moms with toddlers.

This place screams, "HE HAD TOO MUCH TIME ON HIS HANDS!" This is no rock display. It's a village of miniature buildings, walkways, and water features made from collected rocks. This picture doesn't do it justice. That statue in the back is probably 50 feet away, at the other end of this fortress of rocks.

The property is also teaming with friendly peacocks. The kids wanted to chase them at first, but weren't so excited when the peacocks returned the favor. Owen was pretty freaked out, but our other Owen-friend took to repeating the peacocks call around the park - they are LOUD. Here's two Owens checking out the birds:

Yet again, I found a field trip that put the kids at the water's edge for most of the morning. We spied tadpoles, tossed rocks, and avoided any wet tumbles. A few of the kids did find a massive puddle in the parking lot and finished the morning soggy, but that's a different story. Next month, I'm finding a field trip that doesn't involve water!

This is Owen with Will and Sarah, who has become a dear friend since we met shortly after the kiddos were born. As much as Owen is a do-er, Will is a complete observer. We always marvel that two kids in the same stage of life can be so different, but it's fun to watch them grow together.


Peg said...

Hysterical - I went to Peterson's Rock Gardens when I was about 11 on a big weekend field trip from Salem. We went on to do the Lava Tubes, Smith Rocks and other cool things in Central Oregon - all geology related as I recall. So, yeah - nearly 40 years ago for me. It seemed old then - maybe it wasn't :)

Colleen said...

Or if it includes water, bring bathing suits! What a strange place. I was thinking when I read the first couple of sentences that my mom could do this with her rock collection, but once I saw the way! Wow! That's a lot of collecting of huge rocks! I think it would inspire my boys and we'd end up living in something like that!