Sunday, June 14, 2009

Friday Field Trips - Fish Hatchery

Our Friday mom's group is still going strong. Through the winter, we were meeting for walks and play dates with the occasional trip to the gymnastics center, pool, or other indoor play place. Now that we've emerged from the depths of winter, we're embarking on more ambitious field trips about once a month.

Our May field trip was to the fish hatchery. We had about 8 moms/kids, and great weather. We learned that the 45 minute drive is really the limit for these nearly 2-year olds, but Owen and Hazel just laughed at each other for the first 20 minutes, and Julie and I spent the whole drive laughing at them! (All these kids are "firsts" in their families, so not used to having someone to share the backseat with.)

The hatchery was a big hit. They have a bunch of holding tanks to look at various sized fish, and then a big pond where the fish live prior to release. For 25 cents, you get a massive handful of fish food that lasts about 30 seconds with all these kiddos tossing it at rapid speed. We had to pry the kids away from the water for snack (expect Owen and Kaden, who were, of course, running laps around the pond), and even finished the morning off tossing rocks in the Metolious River.

Happy kids, well fed fish, nobody ended up in the water...Success! More field trips to come.

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Carmen Goetschius said...

Cute pics! What a fun adventure. I love that all of you-- kids and moms alike-- have friends with whom to share this fantastic season of life!