Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Plan vs Reality

Saturday Morning Plan:
1. Breakfast, lounging, get Owen ready for the day
2. Purchase Father's Day gifts
3. Visit the Library
4. Grocery store for Father's Day food

Saturday Morning Reality:
1. Breakfast, lounging, get Owen ready for the day - Check
2. While loading Owen in the car, turn a 20 pound bag of cat food into this...

3. Spend an hour turning the above mess (not one smidgen managed to stay in the bag), into this...

4. Find exactly the gift we want, then feel swindled by the store, abandon the purchase, and leave nearly in tears (maybe some pregnancy hormones playing into that one).
5. Visit the Library - check!
6. Abandon grocery store visit, we're out of time
7. Lunch - one glass of juice on the floor (Owen), one larger glass of juice all over the kitchen table (me)

Boy, was I glad to get to naptime, so I could just sit on the couch and not risk messing anything else up. When Scott walked in the door, I asked for a RESET button on my day. Sometimes life is just like that.


Carmen Goetschius said...

Sometimes life is just like that---- boooooo--- sorry you had such a crummy day!!! Here's to a fresh new start tomorrow!

SBM said...

Have I ever been there! If it's not Anatole spilling something, it's me. His choice messes of late? Opening a jar of cinnamon and pouring it EVERYWHERE. Not an easy one to clean up, let me tell you. And then yesterday it was a box of corn starch! Luckily I caught that one in time and it was only on the floor, and not in any drawers or kitchen equipment.

What happened at the store to make you leave?

Hang in there!

Cailean said...

Oh I just wanted to cry for you when I saw all that cat food to pick up!!! It's like some cruel joke when those things happen!! Your day sounds so similar to many of mine. A "reset" button would be awesome - maybe just an "esc" key!!! :)

Anonymous said...

CRY??? I laughed, when I saw 20 pounds of catfood in ziplock bags and plastic bins. Sorry, Alissa, to have laughed! Love you, Aunt Tracey