Sunday, March 02, 2008

True Bend Weekend

We've had a great weekend. It really felt like we got to get out and enjoy all that Bend has to offer. On Friday it was nearly 60 degrees. Owen and I took Hudson for a walk along the River with our other mom/baby friends. Shannon, Shawndi, and I have been walking almost every other week since October. All three of our boys were refluxy and colicky, so the fresh air and support system has been essential. I really don't know what I would do without them.

Friday afternoon we had our second "swimming" lesson. We were hoping Owen's love for the bath would translate into a love for the pool. We were right - he gets so excited to get in the water and practice paddling and kicking. He even puts his head back and gets his ears wet without any hesitation. Looks like we have many more hours of water time in our future.
My parents came into town at the last minute, so they got to watch (and take pictures) at swimming (they're first "sporting event" as grandparents). On Saturday, Scott watched Owen and we skied in 8 inches of new until our legs were ready to fall off. Then, my parents babysat, so Scott and I went and test drove a 4 door Jeep (fun, but not a purchase yet) and then went out to dinner at Staccato for some great Italian.

Today was Scott's turn to ski. He got a beautifully clear and sunny day to go with the 12 inches of new yesterday. He came home exhausted claiming it was "hands down, the best day of skiing ever!" They skied hard and were home early, so I was angling for us to go for a walk. Almost on cue, Ryan called wanting to rock climb, so we headed out to Meadow Camp for a few hours of climbing (the boys) and a nice walk in the woods (Owen and I).

What a weekend! Of course, we topped it off with 6 loads of laundry (how many people live in our house??) and our house is a mess since we didn't do any cleaning this weekend, but that's what the weeknights are for, right? The chores will always be here, but new snow and warm weekends are meant to be enjoyed.

Parting shot...

Owen is becoming a really great eater, but he's not quite ready for the famous Pilot Butte Burger. Yikes!


I am Kate Maxwell and home is in said...

i think the kid should go swimming with his favorite aunt who almost drowned... :)

Staci said...

omg, is that seriously almost as big as him? or is it the angle???

Colleen said...

dang that's a big burger! Sounds like the weekend was so much fun. I love it when those early spring sunny days arrive. Aren't mommy friends the best? I know I got through my first year of mommyhood so much more easily with them by my side! And I must say that pools and babies are so great. Luke loves the pool too, so nice to watch him explore the water!