Monday, March 31, 2008

Missing Miss Megan

Daycare was closed last week, but that's for another post. This morning, I was really excited to drop Owen off and share with his teacher all the great things he's learned in the last week. Miss Megan is always so happy to see him and his two little friends - Kaden and Brice.

Imagine my surprise to walk in this morning and find out that Miss Megan is gone... for good. We knew that she recently got married, but didn't know she was moving away. The owners found out two weeks ago, but didn't tell us until this morning. I was surprised, frustrated, and now...sad. We chose our daycare because of the owners and their great program, but I fell in love with daycare because of Miss Megan.

I'm sure Owen is doing fine - he is great with new people - but I am really sad that Miss Megan won't be caring for him anymore. At this point, she knows Owen better than anyone. She's celebrated all his milestones and endured the frustration of his messy reflux. I am sad for Owen - that he won't get to be around her joy, enthusiasm, knowedge, and loving care on a near-daily basis. And, I'm sad that we didn't get a chance to give a proper goodbye. We'll miss you Miss Megan!!

Did I mention that I am sad? I've cried today... at work... twice... and it's only 12:30.

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