Tuesday, March 11, 2008

8 Months and Goals

I'm a little behind in my March postings. Owen turned 8 months last week. I just blows me away how quickly the time has passed since last July. Suddenly, a first year birthday seems right around the corner. Crazy!

Owen is still preferring to roll and not interested in crawling. He'd much prefer to stand holding onto the changing table, couch, or coffee table. He has learned to clap, give high-5s, and feed himself cheerios. This month, he also started sleeping through the night on a consistent basis - hooray! We've had a little set-back this week while Owen fights a cold, but hopefully it's short lived. I guess we're lucky that this is his first real illness - not bad for 8 months.

I finally got Owen in for some "real" portraits. He did great smiling for the camera. This one is my favorite:
On a separate note, we did decently well on our February goals. We accomplished:
Starting to compost our kitchen veggie/fruit scraps;
Great strides in baby proofing;
Taking Portraits of Owen;
Date night;
Pulling together our tax info; and
More exercise for the dog

For March, we're aiming to:
Change our remaining light bulbs to fluorescents;
Service our furnace;
Clean the outside of our windows and complete some other spring cleaning chores;
Scott's going to keep running, I'm going to take 4 yoga classes;
Write a will, pay our taxes - fun stuff!
And, our big financial goal is to eliminate a car payment...
It should be a busy month - and it's already March 11 - better get working!


Salar said...

See Here or Here

Shannon said...

That photo is adorable. You must tell me who took it!

Alissa Maxwell said...

Those are Sears photos!

Mike & Maya said...

What a fantastic photograph. Owen is a cute little munchkin.