Wednesday, January 07, 2009

18 Months! How did we get here?

I can't believe it! Owen hit the 18 month mark on Monday. When did this happen? Well, yes, on Monday, but seriously... Last year at this time, I was looking at a bright eyed baby, who had finally emerged from the depths of colic and reflux into a proud, smiling, sitter. How did this tender baby:turn into a roving toddler? One with ideas and opinions to match the physical activity?

So, what is Owen like at 18 months?

Owen loves to "help" with whatever it is we are doing. He's surprisingly good at following directions (75% of the time), and loves to participate - getting jackets from the closet, finding shoes, combing hair, brushing teeth, putting clothes in the hamper, vacuuming, sweeping (thanks for the cleaning set Grandma!), cleaning-up toys. Things take a bit longer, but I love watching him figure things out. The proud look on his face is priceless. Plus, I know we need to milk this "helper" attitude for all it's worth while we can...

Puzzle Wiz
Scott and I are marveled by how fast Owen has gotten in doing his puzzles. (Yes, he's the son of two engineers...) As long as there are pictures to match, Owen's got them mastered. He also loves his "look and find" book. Doing these matching activities are the one sure-fire way to get Owen to slow down and focus for... minutes at a time!

He is 18 months old ...

We have this 20 minute period after waking up when Owen pretty much has to be held. Typing that out sounds really cute, but it kind of drives me nuts. I guess because on work days, he wakes up in the middle of my morning routine, and I just want to be doing the next "thing" - eat breakfast, brush teeth, etc. This is a good reminder to just slow down and enjoy those first minutes of Owen's morning.

Active, Active, Active
Running, climbing, turning circles, wrestling, jumping, dancing... need I say more?

Halleluia for a child that is so active and yet so restricted. We've been around three different kids in recent weeks who are the same age as Owen and a full head taller. So far, Owen's little legs are too short to climb up on - or dive off of - the couch, beds, chairs, or coffee table. I figure these stocky Maxwell genes are buying us a few more months of safety. Hooray for a little guy! Unfortunately, Owen seems to have hit a growth spurt since Christmas. Lots of things that were in the "safe zone" (kitchen table, top drawers, door handles) are going to have to move to higher ground.

Finally some conversations coming out of this kid. If only we could understand them. =) Owen does have a decent set of single words that he says sparingly.

I could go on and on. I am so in love with this kid!


Peg said...

I take it those are ski boots? I had to wait until I was TWO to ski! :)

Katie said...

WOW - 18 months already?!! I look at Owen and think of how fun Molly Kate will be in 8 more months. I am struggling with the fact that she will be a year old in Feb.!!! My baby is growing up way too fast but I am loving each new stage of her life. Owen looks like a little boy now and not a baby - that seems to happen overnight. He is adorable!! Enjoy this fun age!

Kimmy said...

I think he and Elsie would get along great. It is so strange to me too that our babies are no longer babies. You've done a great job...he's absolutely adorable!!

Alissa Maxwell said...

Yes, those are ski boots a friend of ours gave us to try. They were WAY too big. We're hoping to take Owen up on one of the sledding hills toward the end of the season, but it will probably be next year before he has skis that he can wear.

I am Kate Maxwell said...

ski boots?? wahoo!