Saturday, January 24, 2009


Don't worry, we have been taking photos these days. It's just getting harder, as Owen would rather grab and eat the camera than hold a captivating pose. The new favorite thing in our house these days is being IN, UNDER, or BEHIND:

UNDER the table... (please ignore the tired looking woman with the cute kid).
IN the box with Cisco.

IN "Harry Potter's Closet" (the little storage space under our stairs).

UNDER the blankets.Owen found a new place to be IN the other day. Just like everyone else, we allow Owen free reign of the tupperware cabinet. He takes the contents out on an almost daily basis, but only recently realized the cabinet is perfectly sized for a hiding place. 5 minutes in the kitchen while mom was distracted produced this...
And then quite a few minutes of fun doing this...
Related fun story: When Owen opens a door, or peers out from under a blanket, he says, "Boo." We had our friends over the other evening with their toddler. Kaden's word in the same situations is "Peak!" The two boys started climbing our stairs one at a time and looking through the railings... Peak!...Boo!...Peak...Boo! It's the little things that keep you laughing and make this all worth it.


Annie Parsons said...

Alissa! I'm so glad to be blog friends!!! I don't know that we've ever "officially" met (have we?) but I've known who you are for AGES.

And holy cow. Owen is the sweetest little muffin. I want to eat him up. Congratulations on having one of the cutest kids ever!

Colleen said...

Cute story about kid style peek-a-boo! Zach loved going inside the cupboards, and Ben loved emptying and climbing into the drawers. This is such a fun age!