Monday, January 26, 2009


We had Owen's 18-month check-up last week. He's doing great. Holding steady in the 10th percentile at 22.5 pounds and 31 inches. He hasn't gained any weight in the last three months, but has stretched 3 inches since the summer. I think he grew 2 of those inches since Christmas! With another haircut and those extra inches, he's really looking like a "boy." In fact, Shawndi walked into playgroup last week, looked at me, looked at Owen and said, "Who's that?" Never mind the fact that she's seen Owen almost every week since birth - she didn't recognize him!

Here's that new haircut before and after. Scottie's barber shop has officially gone from one to two clients.

Every time we make a visit to our doctor, I am reminded how happy I am with our pediatrician. They're just fantastic. So I bring you...

Ten Reasons why we love BMC Pediatrics:

1. Their office is small - only 3 doctors right now. When we call for an appointment, we see OUR doctor. When we need to get in for a same day appointment, we see our doctor or the PA (who is also fabulous).

2. They care about overall health. At our appointment, Dr. Vaughan made a point to ask about our family, jobs, the holidays, etc before focusing on Owen's physical heath. I'm sure this is to check for family stress warning signs, but it is great to know that he's thinking about all the things that play into overall health, not just whether Owen's ears and nose are clear.

3. We are KNOWN. When I call on the phone and introduce myself, Tracy says, "Hi, how's Owen." Not, "How do you spell your name?" "Are you a patient with us?" or some other question that makes you feel like a number instead of a person.

4. The nursing staff are amazing. They are warm, welcoming, and enthusiastic to see us. You could say that this is because I am personal friends with Diana, but I notice the same warmth and enthusiasm for every other family walking in the door.

5. They are respectful of personal space and attitudes. For this appointment, Owen just wanted to sit on my lap, and Dr. Vaughan didn't push it. He played peak-a-boo with Owen before doing any exam. He pretended to put the instruments in his own ears before looking in Owen's, and he generally let Owen set the pace and warm up to the exam before moving forward.

6. I never feel silly asking questions. Either in person or on the phone, I never feel like my questions are a waste of time.
7. Great age appropriate handouts and follow-up info. At every well-child visit, we get a packet with Owen's stats and key info on the front. I've looked through the handouts numerous times when I have questions about development milestones, feeding solids, discipline, etc.
8. We never feel rushed. Ever.

It is calm, calm, calm in that office. Only a few doctors means on-time appointments and not having to share a waiting room with 6 other sick kids and their rambunctious siblings.
10. I always feel like I am in control. I had lots of vaccine questions early on, and that was no problem. Dr. Vaughan took the time to answer my questions and share his opinions. Even now, when I'm all comfortable with the vaccine schedule, he still takes the time to talk me through each vaccine and confirms that I'm in agreement with what Owen is getting.

All this reminds me that I need to call them tomorrow and find out if we can blame splotchy skin and 4 days of grumpiness on last week's vaccines...


Cailean said...

How wonderful to have a doctor you love!! That makes such a difference when you have to go there for check-ups so often. We also love our practice - it has 5 doctors and we started out with a doctor there that did make you feel a little rushed...then switched to one who is AWESOME. And I'm glad I did. We have to be advocates for our little people!

Colleen said...

It is so nice to find an office that is perfect for you and your children! Hooray for great pediatricians! Happy 18 mos. Owen! You sure do look like a big boy with that new 'do!

Shannon said...

FYI, I'm using your list in our company newsletter to recognize the good work of the Pediatrics group.