Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Snowshoe Adventure

Before the holidays, we made our first snowshoeing foray of the winter. Our last attempt last winter was a dreadful failure (much too cold and snowy for an infant in the backpack), but this adventure was a "moderate success." We got to make some fresh tracks, got the dog some exercise, and Owen was generally happy for about an hour. We learned our lesson and made the turn around BEFORE he started getting crabby, but still had about 10 minutes of angry kiddo before we could get him back in the car for some snacks and warm air. We're hoping our next adventures go even better since Owen got snow pants, snow boots, and warmer mittens for Christmas.

Out on the trail:
Yes, I am carrying Owen instead of Scott - he was on dog assignment, which is actually a much harder job. Can you even see Hudson in the picture below? We put a red dog jacket on him when we're out - partly to try and keep him warm, but mostly so we can see him better in the snow.

It's always a special treat when you get to make fresh tracks. Pretty easy to find your way back to the car when this is your trail...

Happy back in the car:
Here's to more adventures in 2009!


Kimmy said...

I've never snowshoed, but it seems like a good time. I love that picture of Owen back at the car with his red cheeks.

Colleen said...

We love snowshoeing! It is so fun, and quiet and peaceful. Great pictures, and a great day!