Tuesday, December 16, 2008


We finally got our first snow over the weekend, but the pictures are on the other computer. I'll get them uploaded (and maybe video) sometime soon. For now, we are just trying to keep our toes from freezing off. We went from a prolonged fall to the dead of winter in about a three day span. When we left for daycare/work this morning, my car said 0 degrees. Z-E-R-O. That's too cold. Schools were closed yesterday, not due to snow or ice, but because they couldn't get the buses running - the fuel was gelling in the cold!

The sun came out today and it warmed up a bit - all the way to 14 on my drive home... I like winter, but you really can't enjoy it at this temperature. We need 20 more degrees, so we can go outside and play in the snow. (And we need it to be safe to drive up to Seattle for Christmas next week. We'll be keeping our eyes on the pass cameras.)


Kimmy said...

I thought it was cold here until I read your post. Ouch! Snuggle up and keep warm.

Colleen said...

Seriously cold! I know what you mean about not being able to enjoy it. Much tooooooo cold. Next Sunday (when my mom comes in) we have an expected HIGH of FIVE. Nice.