Thursday, February 10, 2011

Month In Review - Jan 2011

In looking at our pictures from January, a solid theme is emerging. No longer do I have pictures of Owen's activities and cute pictures of Josh doing his own thing on the floor. No, we have shifted into full interaction mode. Nothing can be done without both boys fully engaged.

Making cookies (slightly treacherous with only one stool, Josh!)

Light saber fights with 3:

Saturday morning doughnut trip with Dad:Owen's imagination continues to amaze me. Amid the explosion of Christmas debris, he built himself a fort and then pretended to take nap... though he gave himself away by asking to "see pictures of me sleeping."

Family weekend visit to the High Dessert Museum to see the butterfly exhibit. They were so brave this time - the butterflies and the boys!

My favorite look of the month:

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Colleen said...

Love the interaction mode! Brothers are the best! So when you have those messy baby/table situations which do you clean first? I still ponder that question every time I face that!