Sunday, February 27, 2011

16 Month Resume

I have so many thoughts about how fast time is going and how fast Josh is growing from baby to toddler. 16 months and brings us fully out of the baby stage. I know it's time to start treating him more like a little boy and expecting him to follow the rules a bit better. Oh, I am not looking forward to the tantrums that are coming in these next few months, but at least Josh is the cutest little tantrum thrower you have ever seen. =)

Here's Josh's resume at 16 months:

Nicknames: Josh, JT, Josha-bee,

Skills: Climbing, going up and down stairs, trying to run, throwing, "beading," stacking, destructing, rocking horse, bouncing, high fives

Attitudes: joyful, daredevil, embraces new situations, independent, calculating, testing boundaries, experimenting with tantrums, trying to be a big kid

Activities: school, swim lessons, tagging along with big brother

Favorite Toys: balls, hoops, "in and out" activities, bag of frogs, bath-ketball, the M&D barbecue set, off limits areas!

Teeth: 4 fully in, 4 more FINALLY working hard to reach the surface

Words: still hiding, none of the standard mama, dada, dog, or ball have shown up, though he seemed to mimic "hello" and "all done" today

Reading: only when tired, simple books with flaps or textures are best, some rhyming books are starting to take hold

Health: constant bump or scrape on the noggin, building immunity this winter (aka, constantly fighting a bug)

Sleep: Ready to switch from one nap to two; in bed by 7:30, up by 6:30; night visits from mom and dad are rare - yes!!

Foods: voraciously picky. We think (hope, hope, hope) he must be growing because Josh has suddenly decided he wants to be snacking ALL THE TIME, but only crackers and specific fruits (mandarin oranges) will do. He will literally nibble dinner, toss it on the floor, indicate "all done," and then get down and head for the pantry.

Loves: people!

And people love Josh. What a joyful blessing he is in our family!

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go cougs said...

Great resume. I'd hire him. Looks like a lot of traits I admire. And a little cutie besides.