Tuesday, February 08, 2011


We enjoyed another wonderful week in Ko Olina (on Oahu) with my parents and my brother. The plane rides over and back were pretty rough with a toddler that won't read books, watch a video, color, or sit still for ANYTHING, but Owen was a dream traveler and Scott and I just took hour-long shifts wrestling with Josh. The work was well worth it to enjoy the picturesque setting and 80 degree sunshine for 7 straight days. Lovely!

It was the first "full" family vacation we've all taken together since Scott and I got married. Owen enjoyed learning about cribbage from Uncle Todd and giving him the "stink eye." Plus, once you have kids, vacationing with extra adults around is always a welcome treat - a date night for us, extra entertainment for the boys, and lots of laughs playing games and watching my parents learn about Angry Birds after the kids crashed for the night.

Other highlights:
A visit to the North Shore to see the big waves and amazing surfers
Watching larger than life athletes stroll past our resort (Pro Bowl Week in Ko Olina)
Owen picked up two new words: Mahalo (thank you) and Hello-ha!
A phenomenal date night dinner
A golf day for the big guys
Walking to get ice cream with the little boys
The four of us successfully sharing a room all week
Owen was an amazing trooper walking all over the resort and up and down the beach
Reading. By the pool. By myself.
Pool - beach - pool - beach - pool!

Bring on the pictures...


SBM said...

Looks delightful!!

Angie said...

On my goodness. so jealous. Looks amazing!!

Colleen said...

GREEEEEN with envy! The pictures are bringing me peace and joy. :) Sounds and looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures, thanks for sharing - my favorite pictures are: Kirk, Owen's back walking down the walkway, Owen's face/tongue, Owen's face in the water, and Alissa and Josh at the table. Owen was at a perfect age to enjoy everything. We'll have fun at our family beach trip at Easter - our "babies" will be 6, 3, 2, and 11 months - Walker will be wild and into EVERYTHING. All 11 of us are in a 4 bedroom condo - it's so much fun for us grandparents to capture the memories of the grandbabies. Love and miss you, Aunt Tracey