Sunday, January 09, 2011

Christmas Morning

Shall the Christmas posts continue? There's just so many fun pictures I want to remember! The boys managed to sleep past 7, so we were able to bring them both upstairs together and see the gifts from Santa. Owen received a wooden castle and Josh got a super cute rocking horse.

As a side note, Owen was near tears
when we returned back to Bend and
he realized that Santa would not be
making a visit to specifically fill
the stockings in OUR house.
He cried, "But he didn't bring me
a Bow and Arrow!!" Oops?

I love watching how excited the kids get about the simple things. Josh was more than thrilled by his own toothbrush and Owen squealed with glee and gave thank you hugs for everything he opened. Of course, he got double the fun of opening almost all of Josh's gifts!

I love how Owen looks so sad in these pictures. He just didn't want to take a break to take pictures. Merry Christmas!


angie said...

Looks like a great Christmas morning!!

Shannon said...

did someone get drums OR those your parents? I want to give Ben drums for his birthday.

I am Kate Maxwell said...

the pic of you guys on the bottom is freaking amazing!