Friday, January 21, 2011

New strategy

Sometimes I feel so far behind on this blog that it squashed my motivation to even get started. So this year, I'm making a commitment to myself to at least create a "month in review" post at the end of each month to capture the images that are important to us. Don't worry, my other blog related goals are to post at least weekly and try to use this space for more reflection instead of just observation, so I'm certainly not dropping out of the blog-osphere. I actually think the month in review idea will help free up my other posts, so I can write more freely and not worry about having the "right" pictures to go with my thoughts.

Actually, I'm going back and posting "months in review" from 2010, but I'm back dating them, so my loyal readers (Hi Grandparents!) don't have to wade through them all at once.

Someday, I'll finish my blog books and have all those pictures saved in one place - Hey, I did 2007, so now I'm only 3 years behind!!


Anonymous said...

don't forget to add Aunt Tracey and Katie to your loyal readers!!!! It's so much fun keeping up with the family - it's the next best thing to being there!!!

Carrie and Brandon said...

i love your monthly blog ideas...i seem to get so backlogged sometimes!

where did you get your blogbooks? my mom was asking about that and I thought it was a great idea!