Saturday, January 08, 2011

Family Christmas

You would think after living here for 5 years and always traveling for Christmas, we would get our act together and remember that we need to set aside some time for our "family Christmas" well before we hit the road. This year was actually the worst planning, as Scott and I realized on a Saturday that our only chance for a family Christmas morning would be Sunday... the next day... With nothing wrapped... with a major shipment from scheduled on our door 3 days later. But never fear, we rallied, raced Owen to the store to pick out a gift for Josh, wrapped during naps and into the night, did a little gift plan shuffling, and made it happen.

I love that Christmas morning feeling to gather in your pjs, sip warm beverages, and just bask in the joy.

Boys got an easel...

This picture is great. Scott reading the book he picked out for Josh, while Owen holds one of his new cars and Josh holds the BBQ basting brush he "chose" for Scott (Not exactly "you break it you buy it" but if your kid chews and drools all over the brush while your shopping for the real gift - a cast iron skillet - I think the same idea applies.)
Scott and I decided on a low key Christmas for ourselves, though we recently made up for that with the purchase of a new DSLR camera. I do hope you start noticing better images here shortly, but the old camera was in use (when it wasn't dead) through half our holiday in Seattle.

After our family PJ morning, we had french toast for breakfast and rallied to church for Owen to sing with all the kids. And then, the snow. kept.coming. It was certainly a White Christmas for us! Tons piled up the night before and a solid dumping all through the day.


emily said...

Josh looks so cute all bundled up! We also have "Little Blue Truck"--a great hit here. Love the pace and rhymes. Glad you guys had a great family Christmas--PJs and coffee are two of my favs!

angie said...

It looks like you have had an amazing holiday season!! Your boys are getting so big, and just so dang cute.