Sunday, November 07, 2010

That's My Boy

You may notice a plethora of Josh posts and pictures recently. Owen has been in a "don't take my picture" mode these days. And oddly, there seems to be so much going on with Josh, that some of Owen's antics get lost in the shuffle. Either that, or we're so exhausted after dealing with the antics all day long, that they lose their luster when it's time to document our lives. I will just say that Owen is continually astounding us with his unending energy. He is probably a better behaving 3 year old than we give him credit for. He loves to be a part of everything - helping in the kitchen, snuggling close to read stories, playing (way to closely) with Josh, and interjecting himself into every conversation. In typical 3 year old fashion, he knows how to push buttons, ask why until we cry "uncle," and test every limit to the extreme. He is also incredibly inquisitive, a creative story teller, passionate about everything, and hilarious on a daily basis.

These are a bunch of random, but telling, pics of what Owen's been up to lately:

This is how Owen does yoga - get mom's mat out, join me for about 3 "animal themed" poses - downward dog, cat/cow, tree pose, and then decide the mat makes a better long jump track to run and LEAP across the room.
Owen protests his nap on a daily basis. We have a deal that I will check on him after 20 minutes and if he hasn't fallen asleep, he can get up and have 30 minutes of "quiet play time" instead. 4 out of 5 times, he falls asleep for over an hour. That's a good thing, because "no nap" days lead to one cranky kiddo and any late afternoon car ride is likely to result in this:
A random October snow day lead to an impromptu "snow gear testing" party after dinner.

Scott has been teaching him the famous frowny face from birth. Seems to be working.


Colleen said...

Luke's in the same picture phase, it's either a silly face or nothing. Owen just sounds like such a fun, energetic, personality-packed kiddo. Nice work on that bike, Owen, and keep up the yoga! It's great for all the athletics you are sure to be doing in the future with the athletic mamma you have!

I am Kate Maxwell said...

LOVE the frowny face!

Anonymous said...

Owen is so grown up!!! Love the pictures!! Love, Aunt Tracey

Carrie and Brandon said...

I LOVE all of his silly faces~ and how he interjects himself to every conversations. 3 year olds are so great!