Sunday, November 07, 2010

My Own Two Feet

As Scott posted on Facebook yesterday: In one week, Josh has gone from not standing on his own to walking across the room. Wowzers! Those first few days of walking are such an exciting time. I love how thrilled Josh is to be doing teeny tiny pitter patters across the floor. He still prefers to crawl, but if we prop him up on his feet and give him the right target, he will inch, inch, inch his little feet to get where he wants to go. My friend Shawndi pointed out that, just like with Owen, it causes a double-take to see Josh up on his feet because he just looks too darn tiny to be walking.

I love seeing the brother connection between these two boys. Owen is just as excited as Scott and I when Josh learns a new skill. When Josh was learning to crawl, Owen would get down on his hands and knees next to Josh and say, "Come on Josh. Chase me. Ready, set, go!" When Josh took his first steps, Owen snuggled up next to him, and in the cutest baby voice said, "Good job Josh. You did WALKING. You want try it again?" I hope that my boys will encourage each other and share in the joy when the other succeeds.

(And yes, my kids are filthy from a day at school.)

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Colleen said...

Nice work, Josh! Next it will be running, and that will never stop! :)