Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Many Birthdays of Baby J

Josh ended up with three separate birthday celebrations this year. Lucky kid.

The first was early in the month, when we participated in the "shared birthdays" celebration for our playgroup. Seven of the big kids turned 3, so Josh got to tag along. Just like last year, this group celebrated at the pool. Last year, my big pregnancy goal was to be able to attend the party, and Josh complied... he was born about 6 hours AFTER we left the party.

Owen at the table with the big kids.
Josh hanging out with his friend Zoe (and the back of Calvin's head). These kiddos (along with Jett, Miles, and Olivia) are the "second generation" for our playgroup - it won't be long before they are giving the big kids a run for their money! Seven 3-year olds and one 1-year old!

Celebration #2 was on Josh's actual day of birth. A little family celebration after dinner. Owen liked helping make the cupcakes, wrap presents, and create a crown for Josh. Josh, on the other hand, was not so thrilled about the crown... until we set the cupcake down in front of him. This child may not eat much, but he sure knows what to do with cake and frosting!

Josh got a set of cars/trucks from Owen and we got him some magnets and a magnet board to hang on the wall, plus a couple fuzzy toys that Scott snagged from Ikea during his recent trip through Portland.

Celebration #3 followed the next weekend with family in town. We were able to have a joint birthday party for Josh and Kate - who celebrated her Golden Birthday this year - 25 on the 25th! Grandma & Grandpa and Conrad & Glenna were all in town for the weekend (we were all planning on participating in a half marathon that weekend, but the local event got canceled, so we were forced to spend a bit more time celebrating with Guinness-Pumpkin Gingerbread Cake, appetizers galore, and a late braised pork dinner. We all could have used a 13 mile walk after that one!)

Happy 1st Birthday (times 3) baby J!


Carmen Goetschius said...

Cute, cute, cute Alissa! And you are looking good, mama!!!!

Colleen said...

Happy birthday, sweet boy! How did this year go so fast. And I agree with Carmen, Alissa, you look fab!