Thursday, May 20, 2010

Second Cousins

My cousin Katie just had her second precious baby. Walker Vincent brings their family to 4, just like us. I'm so grateful that the internet let's us stay in touch and keep up with the latest on each others' kids. We've never met Molly Kate, but I feel like I know her so well. Someday we will get back to Baton Rouge and let our kids meet in person. For now, Owen does like looking at pictures of MK on Katie's blog.

Katie just posted 1 week pictures of Walker, maybe it's just the eyes (or maybe just that "new baby" look), but I think he and Josh share a lot of similarities:

Walker at 1 week:

Josh at 1 month:

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Katie said...

I think you are right!!! They do favor each other - too funny! Precious boys!! So glad you compared their pictures. Walker looks nothing like Molly Kate did but they change so much during these first few months. His coloring, hair color, and eyes are all different. I think it's great - maybe I'll get a little blue eyed, blonde haired boy!!!

Take care and enjoy summer - it's starting to get very hot here! I have a feeling we will be staying indoors lots.