Monday, May 17, 2010

In my place

Owen has decided that he's going to start using the potty when he is 3. I keep suggesting that maybe he would like to get some practice in before his birthday rolls around, but at this point, he's pretty dead set on his plan. And, with 6 weeks until his birthday, I'm nearly resolved to just wait it out and then dive in full force come June 5th. (Maybe I should pick up that book about the one-day potty training method. Does it work?)

Today's car conversation:
Owen: Last night (which is his term for anything that happened in the past), I had 2 birthdays.
Me: Really?
Owen: Yes, one at our house and one at Miss Stephanie's house.
Me: You know Owen, in six weeks, you're going to have another birthday.
Owen: (Gasp!)
Me: Yes, and when you have your birthday, then you will be 3 years old!
Owen: ... and I will use the potty!
Me: Okay. Sounds good to me.
Owen: ... and you will wipe my bottom.

And so decreed the king. And I really can't argue (though I did get a good laugh). Yup, that's pretty much how it will happen. Sigh. This is not a glamorous job folks.


I am Kate Maxwell said...

that is awesome. i read the whole thing out loud to my roommmate. as soon as you get them both potty trained, i'll come babysit anytime.

smikesmax said...

What someone once said about dogs is also true about kids: if you want to know who is really in charge, just look at who poops and who cleans it up.

Once you figure out how to potty train in one day (I assume you meant July 5?) let me know. Actually, nevermind. Once you figure it out, I'll just send her to you.


Colleen said...

I think that's great! It's a perfect way to get him going and geared up for it. Three is perfect for potty training. I think you will find it goes VERY quickly because he's really ready. I don't know about the "in one day" thing, but for sure, when they are ready, it's pretty quick! Way to be patient and let Owen take the lead, that's great parenting!