Friday, May 07, 2010

Action, Action, We Got Action

I posted about Josh's recent interests at 6 months old, but his activity seems to have accelerated over the last two weeks. It's as if he learned to sit up and suddenly obtained a significantly more complete understanding of the world around him. He's not so angry on his tummy and has even started trying to pull his legs up underneath - soon to be inch-worming across the floor.

He's found his hands and feet and finds them FASCINATING. He's now a menace around breakable objects - time to start eating with our plates in the center of the table! And Josh is just generally much more aware of what's going on. I realized the other night that he was getting totally excited as Scott and were having the nightly "who's bath do you want" conversation. Josh was on my hip kicking and wiggling around because he knew that bath time was coming soon.

AND, he finally started eating some food this week in a measurable quantity. He's eating "lunch" at school and dinner at home - only a few spoonfuls at a time, but enough to add one more thing to the list of "don't forgets" as we head to out the door each morning and one more element to keep track of during the dinner hour. I'm ready to start filling the freezer with pureed veggies - just in time for summer produce season - hooray!

Oh, and I don't think I posted his 6 month statistics:
13 lb, 12 oz - 3%
25 inches - 10%
43 cm head - 25%
Josh continues to grow just a BIT faster than Owen - he was 2 oz bigger at 2 months, 4 oz bigger at 4 months and 8 oz bigger at 6 months. But basically, Josh is about the size of our average 3-4 month old. No worries - as I have said before, we are raising soccer players, not linebackers. Besides, you wouldn't want to cover this precious head with a helmet anyway, would you?

And one last thing - Josh is days away from being off his reflux medication. We switched him to a stronger medicine at 4 months, but he has been a happy spewer for a while, so I dropped him down to every other day a few weeks ago and the doctor agreed that we should wean him completely off. As long as I don't eat tomatoes, Josh is a happy camper - our clothes are soggy and we're going through multiple bibs and burp clothes every day - but Josh is happy, so he gets to be medication free a full 5 months earlier than Owen was. Hooray!

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