Friday, December 18, 2009

A Christmas Warning

Warning to family - we have a 2 year old who it LOVING the Christmas Season. Consider your presents wrapped with "love." And in this case, love takes the form of crooked edges and lots of extra tape. =)

We also respectfully ask that you don't press Owen to tell you what's in your present. He doesn't get the concept of keeping a secret. Exhibit A:

Owen and I wrap his gift to Scott while Scott is at work on Sunday. I had Owen tuck the gift well behind the tree in hopes that he wouldn't remember it was there and reveal the surprise. No luck. Scott's been in the house 30 seconds when this conversation takes place:
O: Dad, come look, I wrap presents.
S: Oh, you wrapped some presents?
O: Yes, For you!
S: For me?
O: Yes, look, a Football!!

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