Sunday, August 02, 2009

The View from 2

Two year olds view the world in a different way. Things that are perfectly logical to the adult brain are downright silly in Owen's brain. We seem to have a lot of conversations like this one:

Scott: Owen, why don't you color on some paper.
Owen: No dad. I coloring on ... my... ha-ands.
Scott: No. Let's not color on hands. Can you find some paper?
Owen. No-o Dad. I coloring on... my... ha-ands.
(All implying that we are insane for suggesting paper when there is perfectly good skin to be decorating right in front of him.)

And that's what leads to pictures like these:


Peg said...

So - this begs the question: What is the reaction when you want to wash that artwork off the artist? Ah - maybe that's the ploy for paper? Owen, do you want to keep the pretty pictures you draw? Then you might have to use that silly medium of paper!

Colleen said...

There is something fascinating about color on the bod. Luke loves it too. Sometimes if I trace his hands on the paper he will then color the traced hands instead of his real ones. But not always....

Carmen Goetschius said...

:-) !!!!!!!