Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thoughts on My Day

In my last two work days, I have spilled iced coffee and lemonade on my bulging belly. Today's goal: clean shirt.

Curious George spent this morning’s episode predicting weather based on cloud types. I thougth that would be a fun thing to add to our morning routine ("What's the weather like today?") until I realized that blue sky everyday might not be that interesting. Rough problem!

Why is my computer running so slow this morning?

The half and half in the fridge at work says, “sell by July 25” and is not yet sour… If I end up at Urgent Care, you'll know why.

Everything work related seems to be converging - loose ends unraveling instead of getting tied together, projects once far in the future becoming urgent, unexpected tasks getting added to the list - it's going to be an interesting trick to get all this ready to transfer to someone else in ten weeks.

My computer is still running ridiculously slow - not helpful in remedying the previous issue.

I think this baby is trying to push his way out through my belly button. S T R E T C H...

Scott and I got invited to a swanky fund raising dinner this weekend (and found a sitter). We have a wedding to attend next month. None of my maternity clothes are going to cut it. I need a new dress.

Curse the slow computer - I'm going shopping.

New dress! Clean Shirt. Dinner in the park with friends. Happy, exhausted kid. No dishes. Ahhh...


Katie said...

Love your new background - don't you just love shabby blogs? Glad you found something you liked from them!

I am enjoying reading your blog and get tickled at Owen's conversations and your preparations for baby #2! I don't know how you get it all done with work, a 2 year old, and pregnancy woes!!

Hope you have a good week and enjoy that new dress - can't wait to see pictures of it!

Colleen said...

Clean shirt is a good goal. I will go for that one too. When I was pregnant with Zach I had a nightmare about the belly button thing...yipes! But shopping always fixes everything. Have fun at the swanky dinner! I'd love to see pics, especially with that baby belly!