Friday, August 07, 2009

My Spidey and Me

This is Spidey.

He joined our family in May and has been Owen's best playmate for the last several months. Yes, Owen has much more "comforting" friends - like his blanket and stuffed doggie that live in his crib - but the plastic Spiderman (that Aunt Kate picked up in Mexico for less than a dollar) has been a favorite from day 1 and has been accompanying Owen on many adventures throughout the summer.

Spideyand Owen watch Seasme Street
Play in the forts

Owen taught him how to take a flying leap off our couch

Spidey also joined us on our trip to Portland and kept Owen (sort of) occupied through parts of the drive. Here Owen is giving Spidey a tour of our hotel at Edgefield.

Thankfully, Spidey is very durable. He has made frequent trips to the "mommy hospital" when he turns up like this:

Owen always says, "Oh no, Spidey bro-ken. Fix-it please mommy." as though he has no idea how Spidey could have suddently lost all his limbs. We've also learned that Spidey likes to swim (though his legs get pretty waterlogged), read books, rock in the rocking chair, wear Owen's PJs, and run through the airport. He will lie patiently while Owen traces his body with markers, and I've many times been asked to "draw spidey."

It really is fun to watch Owen interact with Spidey and sometimes we get an interesting clue into what's on his mind. Like the morning when Spidey seemed to be pushing Owen an awful lot and I finally asked Owen if Spidey needed a time-out. "Yes, sit here Spidey. No push Owen." I think he was testing to see if my discipine would be applied consistently or just randomly directed at him. Hillarious!

I know you can't predict what objects your kids will embrace, but this one continues to bring amusement to our household. Thanks Spidey!


I am Kate Maxwell said...

what happened to spidey's parachute? and it was $3.

Alissa Maxwell said...

I think you were there for the demise of the parachute on the beach in Hawaii. I don't think it ever made it back to the condo... let alone the plane flight. Spidey seems to survive pretty well without it. =) $3 well spent!

SBM said...

Love spidey. Anatole latches on to the darndest things. His latest is dice. He has a pair of mismatched dice that he takes EVERYWHERE. This morning before breakfast he was walking around calling "diiiiCE" and wouldn't eat until we found them. Funny but annoying.

Cailean said...

That is an awesome-looking Spiderman! Very bright and BIG!!! What a great playmate :)