Sunday, March 15, 2009


We inadvertently spent the weekend rearranging furniture and toys all over the house.

My office is in the little landing space at the top of the stairs. It's bare bones, but I've been wanting to get more work space amid the cords, printer, filing, and miscellaneous accumulation. I thought installing a big overhead shelf would solve my problem, but standing in the aisle of Home Depot, we got inspired to re-align the furniture. Now, all the extras are pushed into the corner and I have a full desk to work with. I think a $10 bulletin board is all I need.

Today we cruised all the "going out of business" furniture stores (tough times in Bend) looking for one of those ottomans that can also store blankets and toys. After some sticker shock, we remembered that we already have a standard ottoman and headed home to rearrange our TV room. Our falling apart coffee table went in the corner. It's now providing storage for Owen's toys and may soon get new life as a Train Table. The previous toy storage bookshelf is now filled with the books (crazy concept!) that were hiding under our coffee table. The ottoman that has been sitting in a corner for 3 years (good rest area for the cats), is now propping up my feet. An added bonus is that our TV room looks acres larger.

Both projects started with us wanting to get a new piece of furniture, heading to the store, and then deciding the things we wanted weren't worth the money. Instead, we got inspired to work with what we have. Good for the creative side of the brain and good for the bank account!


Kimmy said...

Where are the pictures?! I love this kind of stuff!

Colleen said...

Doesn't a fresh, clean, organized room make you feel good? We have a giant coffee table in our family room that also has a huge sectional. I'd really like to change that out for something smaller, but we don't have anything just waiting to replace it. Darn.

Katie said...

It's always nice to reorganize rooms. We did a little of that during Christmas but we are due for some spring cleaning and more reorganizing soon! Thanks for the birthday wishes - hope you had a great day, I did. We will be celebrating tonight and all weekend - FUN!!
How funny that your niece and relatives were in AZ at the ball park at the same time as us. We really may have been sitting right near them. Next March you, Scott, and Owen should meet us there. We are already planning a trip for next March. The weather was perfect and it was so nice to see family. We hope we can see ya'll soon! We really need another reunion, like we did in Vegas.