Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lego Creations

Remember those Duplo legos that Owen found stashed in the garage? For several weeks, Owen has been building stack after stack after stack. And getting more and more frustrated that the towers seem to topple for no apparent reason. At 20 months, he hasn't quite mastered basic engineering principles like the need for a solid base or the proper use of support beams. The construction methods also leave something to be desired as one hand usually pushes the tower over while the other hand is reaching to put ONE MORE block on the tipply top of the tower. It's great fun, but the towers are getting old. Two engineers just can't leave those legos alone and more advanced objects - cars, airplanes, boats, etc - are emerging on a regular basis. The other day, I created a pretty sweet helicopter (no photo, sorry) - good enough that Scott asked me if I had looked up a pattern. Ha! Scott's creation below has been Owen's favorite by far.


Kimmy said...

I have always loved playing with legos. Looks like fun!

Colleen said...

That's so funny! It just gets more fun as the Legos get littler! Adam plays Legos with the boys regularly, and they always love his creations.

Katie said...

I love legos and when I taught kindergarten, they were a favorite center among the 5 year olds! Looks like fun!