Friday, December 21, 2007

Santa Came Early

Since we're headed to Seattle for Christmas, Santa paid us a visit on Sunday during Owen's nap. We felt kind of silly having an actual present opening with a 5 month old, but Owen totally surprised us by really paying attention and enjoying the experience. Mostly, he wanted to eat all the wrapping paper - shiny, crinkly, so fun!
Santa brought Owen the high chair I posted about earlier. Also, lots of supplies for eating - spoons, bowls, sippy cups. Scott got Owen his first Bible and some new toys. Despite his lack of income, Owen also managed to get presents under the tree for both Scott and I . Apparently he shops at Barnes and Noble because he got Scott the Dangerous Book for Boys (Check it out if you haven't heard about it). and he got me a book on HTML, so I can learn to do cooler stuff with this blog.

Of course, Scott and I also exchanged gifts, but our focus was certainly on the baby. I'm so excited that he's starting to really pay attention to the world around him.

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Colleen said...

Adam and the boys love the Dangerous Book for Boys! You will have fun with that one as the years get on. Sounds like a fun visit from Santa!