Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Summary

I'm a little slow getting pictures posted, but we had a great visit to Seattle for Christmas. Thankfully, my two biggest worries were put to rest on the first day. He did great on the plane (only cried the last five minutes during landing) and went to bed without any problems at my parents house.

We felt so well cared for the whole visit. Scott's mom is stocking up on baby gear, since she's going to have a local grandaughter in April, so she provided us with a travel crib and high chair. My mom rearranged her art room to give Owen his own space and stocked it with diapers and food, so we didn't have to hit the store.

Our events included:
  • Scott had breakfast with the guys.
  • I took Owen to meet Amy and Sam and Colleen and Luke. Love my girls! We missed you Liz! Why didn't I take a picture??
  • Annual party with the Montessori families. Yes, the families that I was in preschool with. This was a year of wine, engagement celebrations (it's about time) and gift donations to the Ronald McDonald House.
  • Brunch with Scott's extended family.
  • Christmas Eve with my family. Aunts and Uncles got to meet Owen. Opening presents.
  • Christmas Day with Scott's family. Lots of food and relaxing at the lake
Owen was certainly spoiled with wonderful presents. I'm thrilled that he got so many books, so I can start reading something new. His two favorite toys were a soft book with rubber handles (for biting) from my parents and a toy truck (cement mixer) from Scott's uncle Conrad. Here's pictures from the time with my family. I'll post the pics from the Maxwell's separately.

Montessori Party - Despite predictions, Owen didn't spew on anyone all evening.

Can you believe we've been having a holiday party with these families for over 25 years?!

Nana teaching Owen to play the drums - he loved it and now is banging on our tables, counters, etc. Cool noises!

Christmas Eve walk in some rare Seattle sunshine.

Favorite new toy #1 - the soft book with chewing pieces. This one came back on the plane.

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