Thursday, August 09, 2007

I've been Tagged by Kim

Jobs I've had:
babysitter, cafe worker, pool watcher (not a lifeguard, just monitored who came and went), bank teller, charity casino dealer, theater usher, nanny, engineer, mom

Places for a Weekend Getaway:
Love the Oregon Coast. We went to San Diego this year - awesome! Backpacking - though we haven't been in forever. Camping. I would like to explore more of Oregon - Hood River, the Wineries, Northeast mountains, etc.

Movies I Can Watch Over and Over Again:
When Harry Met Sally, Top Gun, Braveheart, I'm a sucker for lame movies on TV on Saturday afternoons

Guilty Pleasures:
Blogging/Reading Blogs, Television - Heroes!! Gray's Anatomy, Survivor, So You Think You Can Dance, Project Runway, and on and on. I also love reading and napping, but those shouldn't make you feel guilty, right?

Places I've Lived:
Short List: Camas, Bellevue, and Seattle, WA, Bend, OR.

Places I've Been On Vacation:
Over the last two years: Belize, Las Vegas, San Diego, Maui, and the Oregon Coast. I think our vacations will be a bit more limited and close to home for a while.

What I First Thought When I Saw Scott:
I thought he was cute and noted that he was wearing a hat from a fraternity that was supposed to have "nice guys." Of course, when I tried to talk to him, he totally blew me off. We didn't talk again for a year, then went on one date and didn't talk again for another 4 months. Not exactly love at first sight!! We will always be thankful that our dear friend, Todd, was persistent and set us up on both our first two dates - even though they were 4 months apart!

If I'm in a Jam With Scott, Tactics I Use to Get Out of the Doghouse:
Try not to get in a jam in the first place!

Favorite Foods:
Cheese, Pizza (I could eat it everyday), Banana bread, Scones, Chocolate, Coffee, Peanut butter, Salmon, Tomatoes, Sourdough bread, any dinner that involves a new recipe and fresh ingredients - makes me feel healthy and accomplished

Websites I Visit Daily:
email (multiple times a day - I'm addicted), blogs

First Kiss Location:
In front of my parents garage

Places I'd Rather Be Right Now:
Exploring the world: Ireland, Turkey, Greece, Prauge, and Russia are all on the list. Oregon Coast. Hiking in our awesome Oregon forests. It all sounds great. However, it's hard to imagine I'd want to be away from Owen. We're just getting into our groove together as I'm understanding his rhythms and learning how to be home instead of "at work" all day.

People I Tag:
Since so few people know of my blog, I don't think I can tag anyone. If you're reading and have your own blog, give this a try. Good times.


angie said...

i always quote when harry met sally and very few people usually know what i am talking about. i think it's such a classic movie.

Misha DX said...

Cool that Russia made it on your list of places you'd like to be. :-)

Alissa Maxwell said...

Well yes, I'd want to come see you guys!!