Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Auntie Sara and Uncle Ryan

Ryan and Sara came to visit last weekend. It was their first chance to meet Owen. Ryan unintentionally got to be the “baby calmer” all weekend – we seemed to pass the baby to him every time Owen was getting fussy. Thankfully, Ryan is a natural with the little guy. We are looking forward to a day when they have kids and all the cousins can play together.

My parents were also in town and offered to baby-sit. We dropped Owen off and had 4 baby-free hours. (This was good motivation to make sure Owen would eat out of a bottle.) Ryan, Sara, Scott and I all went to dinner – I drank a whole beer – walked through Drake Park, got ice cream, and watched the "classic car cruz" through downtown. What at treat! We're thankful to have family we can so readily trust with the baby. We're already planning our "date night" for the next time mom and dad are in town.

With visitors in town, Scott also got to show off his birthday present - a slack line. It's kind of like a tight rope, but wider. Very popular among the rock-climbing set. It's supposed to help improve your balance (duh) as well as core strength. Plus, it gives us a use for our backyard - and it's fun!

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